Let Sunshine Hollow host your beautiful wedding. Our amazing outdoor venue is very popular from April until early November. Or, you can choose to have your wedding inside in our huge climate-controlled reception hall. We can also host your reception and do your catering, including the cakes you need--all at very reasonable prices.

Our promise to you - we will try our best to make your wedding and reception a wonderful memory.
                                       --  Dave and Vicki Rhyne

Outdoor Weddings

This is one of the most beautiful places ever to have your outdoor wedding. Plush grass gently slopes down to the wedding arch. To the side and back are the colorful flowers of Sunshine Hollow Gardens and further back is a peaceful 3-acre lake. We have 150 chairs to make your guests comfortable. After the wedding have your pictures made in the Gardens while your guests tour. Then have your reception in our huge 5,000-square-foot reception hall catered by Sunshine Hollow, if you wish.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

Beauty, peace, and serenity. You have arrived for your wonderful day! Here at Sunshine Hollow, you will find a gently sloping lush grass yard leading to a wedding arch surrounded by flowers with a lake in the background.

Indoor Weddings

Our 5,000-square-foot reception hall seats 150 guests. Plan to have your wedding in our climate-controlled ballroom or use it as a backup to your outdoor wedding in case of rain, or extreme weather (make your decision the day before).

See more of the ballroom on the Receptions page.

Make your pictures in the Gardens

Make your wedding pictures anywhere in the Gardens. And, you can make an appointment to have them made before or after the wedding if you wish. Your guests can tour the Gardens for free.