Book an Event

Here you will find detailed information about booking an event at Sunshine Hollow. When you are ready, contact us to arrange to sign a contract to lock in your date and price.

Toll-free number: 800-669-2005

Email or text:

Price and Deposit

Venue Rental

The price for the use of the Event Center is based on the number of guests.

  • 100 or more -- $2,495
  • 75 to 99 guests -- $1,995
  • 50 to 74 guests -- $1,795
  • Less than 50 guests -- $1,495

These prices include all of the following: use of the outdoor wedding venue for outdoor weddings, the ballroom if you wish to have your wedding indoors, the changing rooms, and the ballroom for receptions after the wedding. You will not be competing with other events during your special time. There is no sales tax on the venue rental.


If we cater your event your choices determine your costs. Please see our Catering page for details. Sales tax on food and other services is 9.75%. A 15% gratuity will be applied on all food service.

Deposits & Payment

Your $500 deposit locks in the price and date for your event when you book. One week prior to the event an additional deposit of 25% of the total estimated event costs (venue rental, food, and any additional services) is required. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to your total event cost.

Full payment is due (less deposits) the day before the event. This includes the wedding, reception catering, and any other services.

Dates and Times


We take reservations up to 2 years in advance. Call to check available dates. Note that we only schedule one event per weekend, so book early!

Guest Party Size

The wedding and/or reception party must provide the final guaranteed number of guests at least one week prior to the date of the event. This is the number for which we will set up the wedding venue, buy and prepare food, and set up the Ballroom. Additional guests above that number will be charged at the price set in the Event Agreement.

Wedding and Reception Set Up

Please indicate your desired setup for the Wedding Site and/or the Reception Site as well as any additional hanging baskets, power needs, tables, or other special needs at least one week prior to the date of the Wedding and/or Reception. A drawing with instructions is helpful for us to make sure we set the facility up the way you desire.

Site Access

  • You have Venue access on the rehearsal day from Noon until 8:00 PM that evening and on the wedding day beginning at 9:00 AM for decoration, wedding pictures, dressing, etc.
  • The actual Ceremony and Reception are given 5 hours beginning one hour before Wedding Ceremony. Additional time is available for $50.00 per hour. Decorations should be removed within one hour after your time ends without prior arrangements.

Terms and Responsibilities

Alcohol or Drug Use

Sunshine Hollow reserves the right to approve the consumption of alcoholic beverages. The wedding/reception party must sign a “Hold Harmless Agreement” indicating that Sunshine Hollow has not provided or served alcohol at the event and indemnify Sunshine Hollow of any liability resulting from the use of alcohol on premises. Event Insurance must be purchased for the day of the event covering Sunshine Hollow and Parties signing the Wedding/Reception Agreement. Depending on the amount of alcohol being served, e.g. if quantities greater than either two bottles of wine per table or two six packs of beer per table are served or if mixed drinks are being served then a licensed and bonded bartender must be hired for the event to supervise the use of Alcohol.

Anyone who is using Illicit Drugs or is obviously intoxicated will be asked to leave the event. There is a $50.00 to $75.00 charge for the extra cleanup generated.


Per Tennessee state law, smoking is not permitted in the Event Center, Restrooms, Bride’s Room, or Groom’s Room. Smoking is permitted outside of those areas in parking areas, trails & other designated areas. Failure to adhere to this will result in a $200.00 smoke cleanup charge to remove smoke residue. Please be considerate of those who will come after you and leave a clean environment.

Table Decorations and Party Favors

  • Sunshine Hollow reserves the right to approve the use of favors, fireworks, sparklers, and items tossed at the bride and groom.
  • Wax candles, lanterns, or open flame devices must be approved. This is to prevent damage and protect everyone from dangerous situations.
  • No marking pens, crayons, or other defacing markers shall be distributed to guests. Table decorations that may harm tables or linens may not be used such as items that stain when wet.
  • No confetti, glitter, fake petals, or similar materials may be used at the wedding site or event center.
  • Decorations may not be attached with tacks, nails, screws, or permanent tape but “Command Strip” or other removable products may be used.

 Wedding and Receptions Party's Responsibilities

  • The wedding/reception party must ensure that their guests dress appropriately and that their guests behave in a responsible manner and refrain from belligerent or destructive behavior.
  • Furnish any music sources, DJ, or musicians desired for the wedding.
  • Furnish any wedding service official, photographers, or videographers needed for event.
  • Furnish any greeters and ushers to greet and seat guests.
  • Furnish any additional flowers other than the ones already in place. This includes additional decorations for the wedding site, reception table decorations, display stands, etc. All flowers, tables, and other decorations must be removed immediately after the event unless a prior arrangement is made.
  • If the reception party provides the wedding cake and/or groom's cake, then they must provide the plates, and serving implements, and serve the cake. If Sunshine Hollow provides your cakes, then we will furnish cake tables, plates, napkins, forks, and a server for serving your cakes as an extra bonus.