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Reservations, Terms, and Conditions
Previewing Our Facilities
To tour our facility please call or e-mail us at 423-745-4289 or toll free at 1-800-669-2005. Our e-mail address is

When you set up an appointment to see the Gardens and Event Center you will receive a free CD with hundreds of pictures of past events plus pictures of the Gardens at various seasons of the year. We can also give you a Brochure of pricing for events and catering. We are available by e-mail year round and by phone most of the time for questions about our facility.

We have a very lenient reservation policy that allows you to reserve a date with a small deposit of $500.00 at the time that you sign your Wedding or Reception agreement. The deposit is non-refundable, but it is considered part of your payment of $2295 when the event is concluded.

We cannot hold a date without a deposit since there are many parties looking for venues especially during the prime months of May, June, July, and October.

Please be aware that many events are reserved as long as a year or more in advance to reserve a special date.
Event Agreement
When you make your deposit for the event we ask that you sign a simple agreement that specifies the services we will be providing for you, your tentative guest number, your meal selection and that you understand when deposits need to be made for the reception as well as when final payment is due. You will be able to read the agreement and we will answer any questions before you sign it. This protects both your interests and ours.
Wedding Cakes, Guests, Services and Menus
We need your menu one week or more before the event in order to purchase ingredients for your meal.

The final number of Guests attending the event is necessary one week prior to the date of event. This is the number we will prepare food for and that you will pay for at the agreed price in the agreement.

Any additional services must be specified at least two weeks before the event in case we have to rent or order items for the event.

If you want us to provide your Wedding or Groom cakes we need to know this at least two weeks before the event in order purchase any ingredients or decorations that may be necessary.
Phone and Fax
Our phone numbers are:
  • 800-669-2005 toll-free long distance or
  • 423-745-4289 locally.

Our fax line is 423-745-2936

Email Us Your Questions

For inquiries:
Mailing Address
Send checks or money orders to:

Sunshine Hollow
198 County Road 52
Athens, TN 37303

Terms & Conditions
  1. Deposits: A $500 non-refundable deposit locks in the price and date of your event. Agreements must be signed by both parties. Deposits are applied to the event cost.
  2. A 25% deposit of estimated total food cost & services ordered is required one week prior to Event. Due to the perishable nature of most food products this deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from the total cost of the event.
  3. Full payment for event is due (Less Deposits) the day before the event. You may pay by Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card (personal checks are not accepted unless provided a month in advance).
  4. Total event food costs depend on the number of guests you have specified plus any extra guests above that number at the price per guest stipulated in the Event Agreement.
  5. We do permit family and friends who are not paid to cater your reception. You may also bring special foods or desserts in addition to the food being served by our food service. We do not permit outside Professional Caterers with the exception of Wedding or Groom’s cakes. However, if we do not cater your event, then there is a small charge of $2.00 per person for linens and cleanup, and additional items such as Chafing Dishes needed to serve the food are available for rental.
  6. Menu for the event may be selected from either our hot buffet menu or our finger food menu. For a finger food menu, you must pick items totaling at least $13.95 unless you are doing the Non-seated option.
  7. Your event coordinator must provide the desired setup for the Event as well as any power needs or other special needs at least one week prior to the date of the Wedding and/or Reception.
  8. Your event coordinator must provide the final number of guests at least one week prior to the date of the Wedding and/or Reception. Additional guests above that number will be charged for at the price set in the Event agreement.
  9. Sunshine Hollow reserves the right to approve the consumption of alcoholic beverages at the event. Anyone who is obviously intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises. Depending of the amount of alcohol served, a Tennessee state licensed Bartender and event insurance may be required. The wedding party will also be required to sign a "hold harmless" agreement.
  10. Sunshine Hollow reserves the right to approve use of favors, fireworks and items to be used at the Event. As well as table decorations and lighting or items such as pens, crayons or markers that may damage tables, walls and floors. Please contact us prior to purchasing same to find out if they can be used.
  11. Your event coordinator will need to provide any music sources or musicians desired for the wedding as well as photographers or videographers.
  12. Your event coordinator will provide any additional flowers for the event other than ones already in place. This includes additional decorations for wedding site, reception table decorations, display stands, etc. All decorations, flowers, stands must be removed immediately after the event unless prior arrangement is made.
  13. Your event coordinator will provide all cakes, persons to serve the cake and serving implements for same.
  14. Your event coordinator will furnish any Officiants for the Ceremony and Greeters & Ushers to greet and seat guests.
  15. No smoking is permitted in any buildings or restrooms per state law. Smoking in our facility will result in a $200.00 clean up charge to remove smoke residue.
  16. An Event Agreement must be signed and deposits paid to lock in the Event date and the agreed price for the events.

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