Sunshine Hollow Gardens Tour

Many forms of wildlife are found in the Hollow.  Deer, Turkey, Raccoons, Opossum, Red and Gray Fox and Squirrels live or travel in the Hollow.  In the air we have Hawks, Buzzards, Great Blue Herons and all types of song birds.  Our pet Emus named "Dumb" and "Dumber" also delight visitors with their antics.

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  • Insects

Butterflies love the flowers of the Gardens.  Dragonflies also like the water and wet areas.

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  • Frogs

Spring brings out "Peepers" by the thousands and the night time can be very noisy.

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  • Deer
  • Turkey
  • Squirrels
  • Hawks
  • Herons
  • Emus
  • Buzzards

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