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Water Features
When Dave first bought this property in 1973 one of the primary considerations was the year round stream that originated and flowed through the Hollow.  Numerous small Springs, Seeps and Bogs are found throughout the Hollow.  As the first road was being built into the Hollow in the winter of 1973, two little springs were struck in the hillside well above the Creek and have flowed ever since.
  • Streams

The main stream that follows the Hollow is over one half mile in length.  It becomes very picturesque below the Lake along the "Fred Lee Rhyne Nature Trail".

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  • Lakes

We have built one Lake and two ponds in the Hollow.  The main Lake is two acres and almost six hundred feet long and sixteen feet deep.  This year we plan on adding Lotus to one of our smaller ponds and floating planters to two of them.

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  • Bogs

There are numerous Bogs and Wet areas in the Hollow.  We have water plants in some of them like the "Yellow Flag Iris" and plan on adding many more to these areas.

  LANDSCAPE-SPRING-YELLOW FLAG IRIS-01.jpg (1577724 bytes) DSCF0348.jpg (1614675 bytes)

  • Floods

The most rain we have ever had here in modern history occurred in the Spring of 2003.  Now, we refer to it lovingly as the "Flood of '03".  Has a ring to it, does it not?  A total of fourteen inches of rain fell in a twenty six hour period beginning on a stormy Monday morning in March.  Thunderstorms marched through the area one after another.  I have never seen anything like it.  Banks of County Roads in the area collapsed and slid into the roads.  Roads in our area were undermined by the rushing water and the pavement collapsed in several areas making the roads impassable.  We had some major damage to our parking area and water went through the Pavilion and created a waterfall off the bank below.  Ten tons of large Rip Rap were washed from the spillway of our Lake.  Some of these rocks weighed seventy five pounds.

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  • Water Plants

This year we will be adding Lotus to one of our ponds to have even more color in the Gardens.  Variegated and Golden Sweet Flag will also be planted in many of our Wet Areas.  Purple Flag Iris is another plant we are adding.  Floating planters with Impatiens and other water loving plants are going to be added to our ponds and Lake.



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