Sunshine Hollow Gardens Tour
We have visitors from all over East Tennessee, North Georgia and North Alabama.  As the Gardens become more popular Visitors are coming all the way from Nashville, Memphis and many other states.  We have had visitors from England, Canada, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and other countries.
  • Families

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Many of our visitors are families surprised and delighted at finding a place so beautiful in their backyard.

  • Groups

Groups of many sizes come to the Gardens in Church Buses, by Van and private car.  They take advantage of our special group rate for groups of ten or more.

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  • Bus Tours

Tour buses from Tennessee and other States visit the Gardens bringing visitors for lunch and an Old Fashioned Hay Ride.

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  • Weddings

We have had several Weddings here at the Gardens.  As the Gardens get more beautiful it becomes an even lovelier place to wed.

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  • Receptions

We can also cater your Reception with a full buffet meal or finger foods.  See our section on Weddings for more information.  Please reserve your date early.

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  • Contests

We have a drawing each month for a $100.00 plant collection.  Here is one of the lucky winners.  You might be the next!

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