Sunshine Hollow Gardens Tour

One main feature you will find in Sunshine Hollow Gardens are Trails.  As we tell most visitors "There is no flat ground in Sunshine Hollow" so our trails carry you around the hillsides and by the creeks.    

  • Foot trails

To make a "Flower Bed" here, first a terrace must be created with a Trail on the inside edge where worker and visitor can have access.  That Trail must be connected to other trails and flower beds and so forth.  Other trails have been built to carry visitors through scenic places such as along the creek and inside the Hollow through the Wild Azalea patches and Forest.

LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-BRIDGES-03.jpg (307263 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SPRING-HOSTA-01.jpg (135592 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-FOOT TRAILS-27.jpg (1719290 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-FOOT TRAILS-24.jpg (497384 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-FOOT TRAILS-21.jpg (1664532 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-FOOT TRAILS-20.jpg (1619677 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-17.jpg (346358 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-FOOT TRAILS-18.jpg (1708980 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-FOOT TRAILS-22.jpg (1681043 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FOOT TRAILS-18.jpg (1661349 bytes)

  • Roads

Our longest trail is two and one half miles in length and travels around the scenic ridges of the Hollow.  It is named the "Hollow Ridge Road" but it is primarily used for walking and a "Fire Access Road" in case of forest fires.

LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-ROADS-01.jpg (1569041 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SPRING-GENERAL-17.jpg (1652956 bytes)

  • Bridges

Where there are trails and water you have to have Bridges.  We have several in our trail system for the visitor to cross.

LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-BRIDGES-01.jpg (370706 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-BRIDGES-06.jpg (85656 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-BRIDGES-05.jpg (336841 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TRAILS-BRIDGES-03.jpg (307263 bytes)

  • Terracing

Again Terracing is an important aspect of all the gardening in Sunshine Hollow Gardens.  Without it we would have only steep hillsides.  Here you can see some of the Terracing of the Gardens.

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-34.jpg (1536398 bytes) LANDSCAPE-TERRACING-10.jpg (307508 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-43.jpg (1609582 bytes) LANDSCAPE-MAINTENANCE-02.jpg (1632541 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-47.jpg (1654797 bytes)


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