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Summer Foliage (3 of 3)

Annuals really add the icing on the cake in the Gardens.  Their beauty is being improved by Horticulturalists every year.  We will be growing around three dozen varieties of Annuals in the Gardens this year.  These will be planted in almost six hundred large planters throughout the gardens.  Color will be literally everywhere you look.  Here are some of the many Annuals which were grown in the Gardens last year.

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LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-28.jpg (1709697 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-29.jpg (1591906 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-30.jpg (1657757 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-31.jpg (1719774 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-32.jpg (1609838 bytes)

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Hydrangeas are shrub type plants that also have a lot to offer in the Summer.  The Gardens will feature many more of these in the future.  We have French Hydrangeas which because of the acid soil here bloom very blue.  Anna Belle Hydrangeas have a large snowball type bloom which is very showy.  We also have dozens of Native Hydrangea along the wet areas that have a "Lace Cap" type bloom.

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-SHRUBS-02.jpg (1657538 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-SHRUBS-3.jpg (1547617 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-SHRUBS--01.jpg (1577389 bytes)

One of many interesting trees that are native to our area is this deciduous member of the magnolia family.  Its large leaves make a shady canopy along the creek.  Unlike its cousin the Southern Magnolia it's flower is very small.

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-TREES-01.jpg (1641842 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-TREES-02.jpg (1717119 bytes)

A Native Euonymus called "Hearts a Bursting" flowers and sets its seed pods in Summer to begin its march to glory in the Fall.  Another Summer Wildflower that adds an interesting accent is the Native Goat's Beard. With its white plume it resembles Astilbe.

LANDSCAPE-FALL-SHRUBS-02.jpg (1663914 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-WILDFLOWERS-01.jpg (1563269 bytes)

Finally, here are some beauty shots of the Garden during the Summer.  We hope these will encourage or entice you to visit soon!

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-27.jpg (3394568 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-FERNS-02.jpg (1674404 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-18.jpg (288337 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-29.jpg (1626170 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GENERAL-30.jpg (1588854 bytes)

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