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Summer Foliage (2 of 3)

Summer, with its warm weather and long sunny days is the engine that propels many of the perennials and annuals that we grow here to great beauty.  One of our favorite flowers of Summer is the Canna.  It comes in many colors and now varieties also have interesting foliage.

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Gladiolas contribute more Summer color as their tall spikes unfurl into bloom.

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GLADIOLUS-03.jpg (1664356 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-53.jpg (1696909 bytes)

We have two clumps of "Pink Lemonade" Honeysuckle that really outdoes itself every year.  Not only does it bloom profusely but the fragrance will get to you twenty feet away.  We also have added several plants of a Canary Yellow Honeysuckle  that will be trellised behind some "Red Ribbon" Blanket Roses and should be lovely this year.


Society Garlic does not sound like something that would be interesting to look at however it is a wonderfully floriferous plant blooming from early Summer till frost.  The delicate lavender blossoms are carried on tall spikes above the green grass-like foliage.


Many different perennials are used in the Gardens.  Perennials make up the skeleton of the Garden.  Annuals are then used to flesh out the skeleton. The Gardens have over three thousand feet of Flower Beds displaying thousands of plants representing dozens of varieties.  They range from grasses such as Pink Pampas Grass to seven varieties of Buddleia "Butterfly Bush" in colors ranging from yellow and white to dark purple.  Below are pictures of many of the different varieties.

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIAL-30.jpg (2208086 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-13.jpg (167762 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-27.jpg (2190473 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-28.jpg (2414649 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-31.jpg (1612092 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-SUMMMER-PERENNIAL-27.jpg (1987068 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-33.jpg (1617377 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-36.jpg (1658948 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-37.jpg (1594996 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-38.jpg (1618330 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-39.jpg (1627895 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-40.jpg (1614293 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-41.jpg (1609767 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-44.jpg (65638 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-43.jpg (1645094 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-47.jpg (1713785 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-35.jpg (1647269 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-PERENNIALS-52.jpg (1619134 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GRASSES-04.jpg (502438 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GRASSES-02.jpg (1681613 bytes)



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