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Daylilies, Hosta, Dahlias, and Roses; tour the grounds - Sunshine Hollow Gardens
Virtual Tour of the Gardens

Take a Garden Tour!

Each year we meet folks who say "Oh, you have Sunshine Hollow, I have been wanting to visit there for several years and just haven't made it". Well for all those people, here is the next best thing - a pictorial tour of Sunshine Hollow thru the seasons. We hope it will encourage you to visit in the future. Unfortunately, pictures will never do full justice to Nature's beauty. You miss the sound of birds chirping in the trees or the bullfrog in the pond, trees swaying in the wind, water's musical sound as it ripples down the brook, lacy clouds moving through the sky and all the different fragrances, the musky and sometimes aromatic smell of the forest, the potpourri of flowers with accents from clove to rose. The feel of the trail under your foot as you wind through natures majesty. Remembering the line from the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer, "But, only God can make a tree", we would add simply that "Only God could create all the wonders of Nature and only God could have given man the ability and the senses to enjoy it all". For our friends who can't visit or who would like to see what we see each day, we hope this tour will convey some of the reasons we have made this our life's direction. Over 500 thumbnails linking to photos are included in the tour! Note: Some pages can take up to 10 minutes to load the pictures using a dial-up connection.
Season By Season
Sunshine Hollow Gardens are beautiful at any time of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each period has its own unique beauty. From the bare silhouettes of trees and the falling snowflakes of winter to the new life that bursts out in the Spring with the dogwoods, azaleas, and wildflowers. From Summer's glorious display of thousands and thousands of blooms to the crisp cool days of Fall with the reds and gold's and oranges of the leaves. All seasons have their own beauty.
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