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Fall Foliage

Late Summer and Fall are one of our favorite times of the year.  The days get a little shorter each day and the temperature starts to moderate with cool nights becoming the norm.  The Garden kicks into high gear then as the Dahlias  start to strut their stuff, Roses keep opening beautiful flowers and the Annuals and Grasses really put on a show.

We are fairly new to Dahlias having only grown them for a couple of years now.  Our trip to Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia proved to us how unbelievably beautiful they could be.  The wide range of clear colors in so many shapes and sizes impressed us greatly.  We are now Dahlia aficionados!  We are growing over one hundred varieties - some of all the types.  Here are some of our best bloomers.

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Another feature we have added in great abundance to the Gardens the last few years are Hanging Baskets of all kinds.  This year we will have Hanging Baskets of mixed annuals such as "Silver Falls" Dichondra , "Blue Daze" Evovulous , Lysimachia,  "Figaro" Dahlias, Torenia, Fucshia, Verbena, "Trailing" Snapdragons , Scaevola "Fan Flowers", "Wave" Petunias , Chenile Plant and Helichrysum.  By Fall they are at their peak with color and length.



Pots and Planters full of Annuals are placed throughout the Gardens to add color in places where flowers would not normally grow such as under larger trees.  These did great last year as you will see from the following pictures.

LANDSCAPE-FEATURES-PLANTERS-03.jpg (1640801 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FEATURES-PLANTERS-05.jpg (1651263 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FEATURES-PLANTERS-06.jpg (1653949 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FEATURES-PLANTERS-04.jpg (1583289 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FEATURES-PLANTERS-02.jpg (1516309 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-PLANTERS-03.jpg (1548274 bytes) LANDSCAPE-PLANTERS-04.jpg (1634912 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-22.jpg (1632256 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-18.jpg (1648977 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-ANNUALS-30.jpg (1657757 bytes)

Late Summer and Fall is the season for colorful Fall Wildflowers.  These come and go as they please since we do nothing to encourage of discourage them.  Even our old nemesis the Kudzu vine sports its heavily perfumed blossoms then.  Remember the "Hearts a bursting" that bloomed and set seed pods in the Summer.  Well, now the pods burst open to show you where it gets it's name.  Here are some of the flowers of Fall.  I also thought you might like to see the spider web I caught early one morning.

LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-16.jpg (1585372 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWER-12.jpg (1717931 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWER-13.jpg (1692572 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWER-14.jpg (1623250 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-01.jpg (1629184 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-02.jpg (1676703 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-03.jpg (1636418 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-04.jpg (1685136 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-07.jpg (1689039 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-09.jpg (1696604 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-10.jpg (506281 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWERS-11.jpg (487536 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-WILDFLOWER-15.jpg (1685713 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-SHRUBS-01.jpg (1614362 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GENERAL-11.jpg (1683613 bytes)

The Ground Covers that we have planted on the banks have usually completely filled in by Fall and make a spectacular display.  This year we will be planting several banks with Blanket Roses which bloom all Summer and spread to cover large areas.  Ipomoea "Variegated, gold and purple Sweet Potato Vines looked great this year along with Verbenas.

LANDSCAPE-FALL-GENERAL-15.jpg (488927 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GROUND COVERS-02.jpg (336106 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GROUND COVERS-03.jpg (1672348 bytes) LANDSCAPE-SUMMER-GROUNDCOVER-07.jpg (1624572 bytes)

Grasses have gained their maximum height and put on seed heads to make their presence known.  We will be growing several Miscanthus varieties, Japanese varieties and Pampas grasses this year.  We fully expect them to add much beauty to the Gardens.

LANDSCAPE-FALL-GRASSES-05.jpg (1728167 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GRASSES-04.jpg (502438 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GRASSES-07.jpg (1588147 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GRASSES-02.jpg (1681613 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-GRASSES-03.jpg (1731134 bytes)

Tree Color is the attribute for which Fall is most noted.  Being in the middle of 160 acres of Forest usually gives us a good display each year, but a lot depends on the weather.

LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-06.jpg (490624 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-05.jpg (239064 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-13.jpg (504460 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-03.jpg (518915 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-01.jpg (506028 bytes)

LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-14.jpg (483455 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-12.jpg (487514 bytes) LANDSCAPE-FALL-TREE COLORS-11.jpg (515637 bytes)


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