Sunshine Hollow Gardens Tour
It takes a fairly large operation to grow the plants that we sell and service the customers that visit the Gardens and Bakery.
  • Pavilion

Our Pavilion covers almost four thousand square feet and provides a shady respite for Garden visitors to eat, relax and enjoy the scenery.

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  • Bakery & Kitchen

The Kitchen and Bakery joins the Pavilion and makes it easier to feed our guests and to cater Receptions.

  • Daylily Hot Houses

Our Daylily Hot Houses are one hundred and forty four feet long and will hold seven thousand potted daylilies each.  We have five beds like this for Daylily over wintering.


  • Hosta Hot Houses

We now have two Hosta Shade Houses after installing a new one in 2004.  Each house is two hundred and twenty two feet in length.  Each house will hold about five thousand potted Hosta.

STRUCTURES-HOT HOUSES-HOSTA-01.jpg (1592014 bytes) STRUCTURES-HOT HOUSES-HOSTA-02.jpg (1563348 bytes)

  • Green Houses

We have two Green Houses.  One is heated and the other is not. The heated Green House is for the propagation of plants for the Garden and for sale.

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  • Potting Shed
  • Restrooms
  • Parking

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