Sunshine Hollow Gardens Tour

There is lots to see and do in the Gardens.  From Bloom Festivals and Free Plants to Hay Rides and Weddings but Javelin throwing isn't one of them so we have asked our friend R. G. to leave his at home.

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  • Festivals

At present we are only having a Festival for Daylily Bloom Season.  In the future we want to honor our other major perennials - Roses, Hosta and Dahlias.

  • Walking Tours

Walking Tours are my favorite way to see the Gardens - Up close and Personal.  A walking tour for groups can be arranged for groups of ten or more.

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  • Hay Rides

Hay Rides have become one of the most popular activities at the Gardens.  Groups can arrange this in advance for there trip.  Everyone enjoys this from "Red Hats" to "White Heads".  Tours are narrated by your tour guide and take from thirty to forty five minutes.  You will see almost the entire Garden and Growing Areas and your guide will tell you what is going on in the Gardens and what to see.

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  • Golf Cart Tours

We can take individuals on personalized Golf Cart Tours when time permits.  There is a $7.50 charge per person with a two person minimum.  Please call in advance to arrange this.  Tours last thirty to forty five minutes and you must be able to get in the cart by your self.

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  • Weddings

We have had several Weddings here at the Gardens.  As the Gardens get more beautiful it becomes an even lovelier place to wed.

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  • Receptions

We can also cater your Reception with a full buffet meal or finger foods.  See our section on Weddings for more information.  Please reserve your date early.

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  • Contests

We have a drawing each month for a $100.00 plant collection.  Here is one of the lucky winners.  You might be the next!

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