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Daylilies by Mail Order
Compare our Daylilies!
Compare and you will find that our plants are a bargain. When we dig we give you three to five healthy fans, instead of just two. In fact, our average plant shipped last year weighted over a pound.

Daylily orders will be shipped between April thru mid-October weather permitting. Southern orders are shipped first starting in early April followed by Northern orders in early May. See the shipping information page for more details.

Daylily Lists
Use the "text only" lists below for quick downloads or view the "picture galleries" to preview spectacular daylilies before you buy.

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Daylily Search
Use our daylily search screen to find the daylilies that match your specifications. We won't make you go out into the field!

Shipping Information and Schedule
We ship to the lower 48 states and have a minimum order of $25.00. We don't ship in winter months. Daylilies are shipped from April thru mid-October. For details see our Mail Order Shipping Information page.
Order by Phone, Mail, Fax, or Email
If you don't want to order online, you may order by either phone, mail, fax or email. Phone your order to 800-669-2005 (423-745-4289 locally). To order by all other means, see our Mail Orders by Mail, Fax, or Email page.
What are Bare Root Daylilies?
Bare root daylilies are living plants dug fresh each week. The tops are clipped back by 50% and all soil is washed from the roots to comply with agricultural regulations. Compared to pots, the lighter weight of bare root plants make it feasible to ship them while still retaining most of the plant's root structure for health. Use the lists or the search found here to select bare root daylilies for Sunshine Hollow to ship to your home. We also have 750 varieties potted daylilies for purchase onsite at the Gardens.
Daylily Selection
Please heed this advice about selecting the right daylilies for your area:

  • For fall planting in any area, we recommend delivery at least six weeks prior to freezing weather to give roots time to establish themselves. We also recommend heavy mulching of the plants to prevent frost heaving and crown damage.
Hot Climates:
  • We donít recommend shipping to the deep south in hotter summer weather of June, July, and August since crown rot is a problem on new plantings.
  • Full dormant daylilies will not do well in the deep south such as South Texas and South Florida since they require a minimum period of freezing weather to trigger dormancy.

Cold Climates:

  • Northern areas such as New England should wait until all frost is gone before receiving bare root plants.
  • Full evergreen daylilies are risky to grow in many northern areas unless you have consistent snow cover or heavy mulching.
  • Fall planting of evergreens is not recommended in the extreme North.
Advice for Growing Daylilies
For more detailed information about selecting, planting, and caring for your daylilies, download our comprehensive Daylily Culture Guide (pdf, 55kb).

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