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Daylilies, Hosta, Dahlias, and Roses; tour the grounds - Sunshine Hollow Gardens
Overview of Plant Varieties
Our Garden Goals
To grow a wide variety of perennials, annuals, and shrubs in the Gardens to create a kaleidoscope of colors from April through October. To emphasize Dayliles, Hostas, Dahlias, and Roses along with other plants to provide different colors, textures, and bloom seasons from spring through fall. To exhibit these plants grown at their best so garden visitors can see the potential of each plant, and the great beauty, versatility and advances made in Daylilies, Hostas, Dahlias, Roses. To bring our visitors into an environment that is clean and well maintained, where our theme plants are properly and easily identified, along easily accessible trails, and mixed with a variety of companion plants both annual and perennial, shrubs and trees. To grow our sale plants with good cultural practices to insure that our customers receive a strong well-grown plant ready to establish and grow in their garden.

Dahlia Selection
In 2003 we grew a few garden varieties of dahlias. That same year we took a trip to Seattle, Washington. While there we visited Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. They had a truly amazing display of dahlias which impressed us tremendously. As a result, we now grow several varieties of Dahlia in different sizes and forms.
Rose Selection
Dave has been a rose fan for over many years. The Gardens include hundreds of roses representing ground cover, shrub, hybrid tea, climbing, and many of the new disease resistant varieties. We have expanded our rose plantings to many areas in the Gardens to take advantage of their great beauty and the long seasonal flowers that they offer. 
Daylily Selection
When we select daylilies to grow, we try to concentrate on plant growth habits, scape branching, bud count, foliage appearance, bloom substance, fragrance and color clarity and not just the bloom size or form. Daylilies that give the most are the ones we remember. We continually upgrade our collection trying to pick the best of new introductions. Our collection concentrates on award winners, popularity poll favorites, and on varieties that rebloom or extend the season.
Hosta Selection

Hostas are selected based primarily on leaf color, growing vigor, and size of leaves and clumps. We grow a variety of leaf colors, leaf patterns, leaf sizes, leaf shapes and leaf textures. We tend to prefer varieties that make showy large clumps. We also concentrate on award winners and varieties recommended by other growers.

We have pictures of some of the Hosta we grow here on the Web site. We will be taking pictures of all of them during this growing season. You may purchase mail order bare root Hosta using our online shopping cart. You may pre-order potted Hosta for pickup at the Gardens using our order form.

Plant Societies
The American Hemerocallis Society (The Daylily Society):
Pat Mercer, Dept. WWW, P.O. Box 10, Dexter, GA 31019
The American Hosta Society:
Sadie Markland, AHS Membership Secretary, 8702 Pinnacle Rock Court, Lorton, Va  22079-3029
The American Dahlia Society:
Alan Fisher,  ADS Membership, 1 Rock Falls Court, Rockville, MD 20894
The American Rose Society:
American Rose Society, P.O. Box 30,000, Shreveport, LA  71130-0030

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