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Depanning, Packaging and Labeling  

The fruitcakes have to be removed from their baking pans.  All cakes must be shrink wrapped, properly labeled and boxed for storage or shipping. 

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  • Depanning the Cakes 

After the fruitcakes are cool they are ready to be depanned.  They are removed from the cooling racks and tapped gently on their side to loosen them from the baking pan.  They are then placed on cake circles and then on bun pans ready to be packaged.

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  • Packaging the Cakes 

The cooled and depanned cakes are processed through a shrink wrap machine to seal them from moisture loss and prepare them to be placed in a gift tin or box.  The Shrink Wrap Machine seals the cakes in an air tight, see-through plastic wrap.

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  • Labeling the Cakes 

After they are packaged, each cake must be labeled as to its correct size and place of manufacture.  We keep thousands of labels for this purpose in varying weight registrations.  Once this is done the pecan fruitcakes are ready to be boxed for storage or shipping.  This finishes the baking process as the fruitcakes go into cold storage to mellow and flavor blend in preparation for shipping or sale.



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