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Fruitcake, chocolate, butterscotch, and orange flavored nuts, jellies and preserves, Vidalia onion dressings and sauces, honey, sorghum and fudge at Sunshine Hollow Bakery.
Greetings From "Mother Dave" and Vicki Rhyne!
Thank you for visiting our Sunshine Hollow web site. Our web site features The Gardens of Sunshine Hollow which have been lovingly created over the past 25 years, Sunshine Hollow Bakery which still produces carefully handcrafted Pecan Fruitcakes and Woozy Cakes(TM), and The Sunshine Hollow Nursery which grows and offers over 1000 varieties of plant to the public. Our bakery is famous for Pecan Fruitcake and now our new Woozy Cakes(TM) are making a hit. We also have many great items for seasonal and year-round gifts such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthdays and other special occasions.

The Gardens of Sunshine Hollow incorporate over twenty acres of the Hollow. The Gardens are dedicated to displaying and growing various plant species such as daylilies, Hostas, Dahlias, roses, cannas and irises (see gardens virtual tour).  We are one of the most visited private gardens in Tennessee. Here on the web site you can order bareroot daylilies in the Spring and Fall (see our calendar for details). You can visit the Gardens Mid-April through July (see our calendar for days and hours) and tour the grounds, have lunch, or purchase potted plants from our hundreds and hundreds of varieties grown at Sunshine Hollow Nursery.

During fall at the Bakery, the ovens in Sunshine Hollow are warm and the early morning air is filled with the sound of happy voices and the clatter of cake pans.  The aroma of BUTTER-RUM-HONEY batter baking to golden perfection fills the air.  We still stir and pan each batch by hand (see our bakery virtual tour) to ensure the highest quality. Here on the web site you can order bakery products year round but chocolate items are not available in Summer (see our calendar for details). You can purchase without shipping charges at our onsite bakery sales shop from Mid-April through July and in November and December Monday thru Friday (On Saturdays call to see if we will be open). See the calendar for details.

We want to give you great prices and make sure you are satisfied with the quality of all the products that you receive from us. Being a small Tennessee Agri-business we put out name and reputation on the line with each product we sell. If there is a problem, you will find that our personal service backs it up.

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