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Fruitcake, chocolate, butterscotch, and orange flavored nuts, jellies and preserves, Vidalia onion dressings and sauces, honey, sorghum and fudge at Sunshine Hollow Bakery.
Homemade Pecan Fruitcakes

"For folks who don't like regular fruitcake."

Why are our fruitcakes the best? We developed our recipe after ten years of testing to make a fruitcake that most people would enjoy. These cakes are supremely moist and flavorful without the cheap fillers. Our secret batter of real creamery butter, orange blossom honey and dark rum straight from the bottle ensures a flavor that you won't soon forget. We only bake a limited number of cakes each year, when they're gone, they're gone. You don't pay for color brochures or fancy flyers. We sell only at Sunshine Hollow and on the internet.

Below are our most popular sizes, but here are all of our fruitcakes sizes.

Basket Fruitcake, 5 Ounces

This size mini-fruitcake is perfect for gift baskets, stocking stuffers, or for a small gift. It is packed in an attractive see-through green six-sided box. The recipe is the same as our larger cakes. $6.95

Pecan Fruitcake, 20 Ounce Round in Tin

This is a round cake about 6 inches across. It comes in a beautiful decorative tin and is ideal for gift giving or for the smaller appetite. $21.95

Pecan Fruitcake, 32 Ounce Ring in Tin

A full two-pound ring cake packed in a beautiful gift tin. This cake which is large enough to share with friends and family serves about 15. This is the most popular size that we ship each year! Many of our savvy shoppers buy two and automatically qualify for free shipping. $29.95

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