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Fruitcake, chocolate, butterscotch, and orange flavored nuts, jellies and preserves, Vidalia onion dressings and sauces, honey, sorghum and fudge at Sunshine Hollow Bakery.
Hot Drink Brews

Hot and soothing, these are real comfort drinks.

Sunshine Hollow's Raven's Mulling Spices enhance the taste of cider or juices.
Hot Mulled Cider is a traditional Christmas treat. Try a pack of these mulling spices in a gallon of cider or other juice. Great hot or cold. Many other tasty recipes are included for pumpkin pie, spiced apples, etc.
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Sunshine Hollow Item 155
155 Raven's Mulling Spice, 6 Ounce Foil Pack $4.95
Sunshine Hollow Item 157
157 Raven's Mulling Spice Five Pack Holiday Special $19.95

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