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Daylilies, Hosta, Dahlias, and Roses; tour the grounds - Sunshine Hollow Gardens
Open Garden Days and Hours
Our facility is open year round for Weddings, Receptions, and other Events. This year the Gardens are open from Mid-April thru Mid-July  Other months please call for an appointment. 
Open Gardens Days

Here are important facts about our visiting the Gardens:
  • Opens for Touring: Mid-April
  • Days of Week: Tuesday-Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday)
  • Hours: 8:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. each day
  • Lunch is not available this year due to COVID-19
  • Group lunches: Not available this year
  • End of Touring: : Mid-July
  • Offseason: Please call for an appointment (Mid-July until mid-April)
Visitation Advice

Each year thousands of visitors come to the Gardens to see the literally thousands of blooms that are open each day as well as the beautiful Stream, Lake and Forest that add to the Hollow's mystique. During the cooler times of the year in the early Spring we recommend visiting around 10:00 AM or later. In the warmer part of the Summer it is best to visit as early in the day as possible to avoid the heat.

Sunshine Hollow's Full Schedule
For complete details, see Sunshine Hollow's full schedule.

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