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Gardens Quality and Guarantee
Plant Quality
We irrigate, fertilize, cultivate, and weed to keep our plants in good condition. We know how important value is to our customers, so our policy is to give our customer the best plant for the best price. On bare root daylilies we do not dig less than three divisions (fans) of plants on our regular price list. If possible, we give more than three divisions on many daylilies, especially our plants sold as Clumps (See our Bonus Policy on this page). We guarantee that the plants you receive will be freshly dug, true to name, and state inspected. You may return plants on receipt if you are not satisfied for a full refund plus reasonable return shipping. Any misnamed plants will receive a full refund and any plants that die in the first year will receive a full refund.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the quality of plants you receive, at the time of receipt simply return the plants to us for a full refund of both the plants and all shipping costs. Plants received from us that are promptly planted and cared for are guaranteed to live the first year after planting. In case of loss, we will give you a full refund including shipping costs. If you receive a misnamed variety, we will refund the purchase price.
Bonus Plants
On bare root orders, we try to give extra fans of plants which you have already ordered and obviously desire rather than something we have a surplus of and need to thin out or get rid of. When we order plants from other growers this is exactly what we specify for bonus plants.

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