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Daylilies, Hosta, Dahlias, and Roses; tour the grounds - Sunshine Hollow Gardens
Garden Festivals and Events
Daylily Bloom Festival Weekends
This year we will have two weeks of Daylily Bloom Festivals to celebrate the great beauty that the Daylily brings to our Gardens. Free Daylilies each Friday and Saturday on the following dates:
  • 2nd Friday/Saturday in June
  • 3rd Friday/Saturday in June

Each Friday and Saturday on these days we will be giving away free daylilies to each person over 12 years of age with paid admission. Each year we give out over $5,000.00 worth of free plants.

Peak Bloom Periods
Plan to visit the Gardens at these times for peak bloom periods of these major plant types.
Peak of Bloom for Native Azaleas

Want to see the native azaleas at their peak? We recommend the last week in April and the first week in May. (We have hundreds of Native Azaleas and also wild flowers at that time of year.)

Do you like Hosta?

We recommend the end of May to the first of June to see Hosta at their prime development. We have 150 varieties on display ranging from miniatures to giant leaved varieties.

Would you like to  see Daylilies at their peak?

To see them when the most varieties are in bloom visit the third or fourth weeks of June to see daylilies at their finest!

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