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Fruitcake, chocolate, butterscotch, and orange flavored nuts, jellies and preserves, Vidalia onion dressings and sauces, honey, sorghum and fudge at Sunshine Hollow Bakery.
Homemade Pecan Fruitcakes

"For folks who don't like regular fruitcake."

Our pecan fruitcake is made with a delicious HONEY-BUTTER-RUM batter that's loaded with whole pecan halves (25% by weight), candied pineapple, whole cherries, dates, and coconut. There is barely enough flour to hold everything together! You won't find cheap fillers like raisins, citron, or bitter orange peel. Unlike most other commercially available fruitcakes, Sunshine Hollow cakes contain so many whole pecan halves, large pineapple chunks, and whole cherries in the batter that they actually decorate themselves while they are baking. Our cake is so moist, many people think it is a no-bake fruitcake. Most are amazed that the cakes are in the oven over two hours.
Pictured at left is our fruitcake lover's size, a full 64 Ounce Ring Pecan Fruitcake packed in a white gift box. This cake will serve a large group of relatives and friends. Our one and one half pound loaf is our most popular size and is available in a two pack or three pack for better pricing. The 5 ounce cake is perfect to put in your own gift basket or as a stocking stuffer or small gift. It is packed in a silver tin and is also offered in a three-pack.
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Item Description Price Actions
Sunshine Hollow Item 005
005 Basket Fruitcake, 5 Ounces $6.95
Sunshine Hollow Item 006
006 Basket Fruitcake 3-Pack $18.95
Sunshine Hollow Item 013
013 Pecan Fruitcake, 1 & 1/2 Pound Loaf Cake in Box $24.95
Sunshine Hollow Item 017
017 Pecan Fruitcake, 1 & 1/2 Pound Loaf Cake 2-Pack $45.95
Sunshine Hollow Item 018
018 Pecan Fruitcake, 1 & 1/2 Pound Loaf Cake 3-Pack (free shipping) $64.95
Sunshine Hollow Item 015
015 Pecan Fruitcake, 4 Pound Ring in Box $59.95
Sunshine Hollow Item 016
016 Pecan Fruitcake, 4 1/4 Pound Ring Two Pack $119.95

These individual miniature fruitcakes (pictured on silver tray) are about 1 ounce each, are packed 20 to a crystal clear resealable container. They are ideal for a gift or passing around at a party. (Quantities Limited, order early!)
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Item Description Price Actions
Sunshine Hollow Item 010
010 Little Dazzlers, Box of 20 $29.95

This very popular item is a combination box with ten "Little Dazzlers," Praline Pecans, and Chocolate pecans. Packaged in a clear round resealable plastic tin.
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Item Description Price Actions
Sunshine Hollow Item 036
036 Nuts and Dazzlers Gift Pack, in Clear Resealable Container $26.95 Meltable, not shipping

SLICING AND STORAGE TIPS: Our cakes are so full of pecans, cherries and pineapple that they should be frozen for best slicing results. Simply remove the cake from the freezer and cut with a strong sharp knife dipped in hot water. Our cakes keep best frozen. You may rewrap with a quality plastic wrap or aluminum foil or place the remainder back in its tin (with the lid on tightly) until you wish to slice more.

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